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Original Nylon
Original Aviator BluBlocker

Retro Clip-On
Retro Clip-On
From NASA to Hollywood
BluBlocker had its start in 1986. It was a bright, sunny day in Los Angeles. Joseph Sugarman, President of JS&A Group Inc., a consumer electronics marketing company, was driving in a car with a salesman.They were going to see a new electronics product for Sugarman’s catalog. Noticing that Sugarman was squinting, the salesman suggested he put on a pair of sunglasses he happened to have in the car. Sugarman did and commented.“Wow! What kind of sunglasses are these?” The salesman said that the sunglasses were from the space program, and that the lenses were like those used by American astronauts. Only a few pairs of these unique sunglasses were ever made!Sensing an interesting story and a great product opportunity, Sugarman got the name of the manufacturer.Later, he received the rights to sell the sunglasses to the general public.

In 2009, BluBlocker made the full leap from NASA to Hollywood: Actor Zach Galifianakis rocked them as his favorite accessory in the box-office hit, "The Hangover". To this day, more than 20 million pairs of BluBlocker have been sold around the world.
Mayflower Commerce, established in 1987, has been marketing BluBlocker from the beginning.
As Blublocker Corporation for the time being does not ship outside USA, we are pleased to be of service to you.
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