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BluBlocker Corporation has been supplying sunglasses worldwide since 1986. They were the first to educate the public through TV infocommercials and magazine advertizing of the dangers of UV and blue light and were the first company whose sunglasses blocked all of these dangerous rays.

No wonder they pride themselves on the best customer service, the best value, the current style trends and the latest technology.

The amber lens blocks 100% of the UVA, UVB, infrared and blue light. The blue light is at the end of the light spectrum and is most harmful. The BluBalance lense and the grey lens blocks 100% of the UVA, UVB and infrared light, also blocking up to 85% of the blue light, which is more than sufficient. When you allow any blue light through, it does allow you to see true colour, as with the BluBalance lens and the grey lens.

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Yellow lenses
1621 - Yellow lenses
Set for 2735 - Eagle: Blocks UV Light
€ 12.00
2715 - Stargazer
A sleek design combined with a wraparound frame and lens makes the StarGazer both good-looking and practical. The wrap around feature provides all-around protection while the thin frame and bridge and soft silicone nosepads make this model a breeze to wear. Nylon temple tips and an optical hinge complete the look.
€ 32.00
Viper Brown Tortoise
2721 - Viper Brown Tortoise
View the world in gorgeous, panoramic BluBlocker™ vision with the super-sleek wrap-around Black Viper BluBlockers™.

With a fashionable demi-tortoise frame that looks great on both men and women, and functional, durable styling that’s perfect for golf, fishing, driving and more, they’re the ideal all-around go-anywhere active sunglasses for you and your family.

The Viper’s large, rubberized elements that can cushion a blow and fit comfortably on your face through the most active days, and the unique side lenses assure that you’re seeing nothing but crisp, clear BluBlocker™ vision.

Case included.
€ 32.00
Eagle BluBlocker
2735 - Eagle BluBlocker
A very contemporary BluBlocker style that looks good on both men and women. The BluBlocker American Eagle has a soft cushion nose pad integrated into the frame. Ventilation ducts at the top of the frame create good air circulation—ideal for keeping your lenses fog free. Super light and durable. This is a new model that has recently been introduced and is the style our troops in Enduring Freedom are wearing. Comes complete with carrying case, as do all styles offered on this website.
€ 32.00
PC19 Zipper Pouch
PC19 - Zipper Pouch
The Zipper Pouch has a clip to attach to your jean belt hook. The curve case fits the Eagle wrap around glasses perfectly and has slots for the different lenses. That way you can carry extra lenses with your case as the weather conditions change. The case fits the Vipers too.
€ 10.00
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